Who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

SPAZ CHICKEN is a full service graphic design, print and apparel company which creates excellent, cost-effective print and apparel materials for our clients. We do this by combining our creative and technical skills along with our knowledge of business and marketing to conceive, design, illustrate and produce high quality branded items for your business.

Founded in 2002, as a custom t-shirt company, we quickly evolved into a one stop shop for all of your design, print and apparel needs. We bring cost effective solutions, to small and medium business, and for the larger business, we can save you money on your day to day printing needs. Please check out our services page for brief list of what we do!

Business owners are busy, and as such don’t have time to run all over town getting different materials from different sources.   There is virtually no type of design, print, or apparel that we have not already done. If we can’t find it, it’s not available. Any kind of business form, card, brochure, or mailer you will ever need is available from us. Additionally, we offer a full array of custom branded items, from key-chains and pens to shirts and caps.  Now, Spaz Chicken can even help with your web presence.
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